eDrop Off_ Shop eDrop Off_ The Collection_ Chanel 2.55_ Chanel Flap Bag_ EDO Collection_ Authenticity Guide_ Authentic Chanel_ The best thing about shopping luxury consignment is finding great designer products, at a reasonable price. The worst thing is that without a proper authenticity check, you could be spending your money on a fake. As your go-to luxury consignment store, we wouldn’t want that to happen to you. So, we figured we would help you out on your authenticity knowledge.

The classic Chanel Flap Bag, featured above, is one designer handbag that is commonly replicated as a fake. When we received our Chanel Metallic Silver 2.55 Reissue Quilted Leather Flap Bag we remembered the countless fakes we’ve seen all around town. Ever see a Chanel Flap Bag with uneven stitching, or thin double c’s stitched on the handbag? Well those Chanel Flap bags were sadly fake.

Spotting an authentic Chanel Flap Bag is easy. The quilted stitching should always be clean, delicate, and evenly patterned throughout the entire shell of the bag. Chanel fact: the quilted pattern is based on materials worn by stable boys who rode horses at the same barn as Coco did, as a child. The bag’s chain straps hides parts of the chain links where the metal meets. If your ‘Chanel’ bag’s straps show the welded links, than sadly it’s a fake. Chanel fact: the bag’s straps were modeled after belts worn by nuns at Coco’s childhood Catholic School. Chanel handbags are also known for their secret compartments. Each Chanel Flap Bag has a back pocket and a zippered pocket on the bag’s front flap. The back pocket’s opening should be in the shape of a half moon and have the same stitching pattern as the back shell. If the stitching does not match, or the leather is too thick on the back pocket, than you are holding a fake. Chanel fact: Coco used the back pocket to store extra cash, and the zipped pocket on the top flap to store secret love notes. 

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