Best Sellers: July 2015

Our Most Coveted EDO’s Best Sellers Of July Great job shoppers! It seems that last month you really shopped your hearts out, and got hold of some amazing products from eDrop Off & The Collection. We hate to admit that we’re pretty jealous of you! Our best sellers list is based on the final selling price of … Continued

Freshly Picked: Summertime Sandals

Step Up Your Game & Step Into Summertime Sandals By now your winter boots should be hidden, at the back of your closet, locked up with the key thrown away! Summertime is all about shorts, sundaes, sand and sandals… lots and lots of sandals. Never settle for just one pair to last you the entire season, … Continued

Sofia’s SC Speedy ll Up Close With

Crafted for Coppola Sofia’s SC Speedy BB / PM Bag With Marc Jacobs as her number one fan, and best friend, it’s a no brain-er the previous creative director of Louis Vuitton allowed Sofia Coppola to design her own line of handbags for the French fashion house. Originally released in 2009, the Sofia Coppola SC Speedy Bag was … Continued

Louis Vuitton PM Bag, As Seen On

It’s On Everyone’s Shoulder The Louis Vuitton Epi Leather Twist PM Bag Admiring Karlie Kloss’ street style is a daily activity, here at EDO. Her street style is the epitome of All-American, with a hint of edge; staying true to her look, but also always on trend. The same can be said for Louis Vuitton’s … Continued

Best Sellers: June 2015

All About The Accessories EDO’s Best Sellers From June EDO shoppers sure do love their handbags! Last month, it seemed that everyone was looking for their go-to accessory to carry all of their necessities in. From our special edition Chanel Valentine Flap Bag, to our Micro Mini Kelly Hermes Bag in Red, our best sellers last … Continued

Prideful & Colorful Living

EDO Celebrates Pride Month Because, Love Always Wins In honor of Pride Month and Chicago’s annual Pride Parade taking place this weekend, we thought we would get extra colorful in the office. Today marks a monumental moment in history, as same sex marriage has been made legal across the United States. What a better way … Continued

What To Give Your Graduate

When Your Little Fashionista Is Graduating… …Shower Her In Style As Spring comes to an end, graduation seems like the central theme to the remaining weeks of the season. For recent graduates, or soon-to-be graduates, congratulations! Sure, this time may seem nerve-wracking, but it’s also incredibly exciting and should be cherished. Entering this new stage in your … Continued

April’s Best Sellers: Solid Choice

Solid choice, shoppers! You sure do know how to pick the best handbags to be part of your collection. These handbags are just a few of our top sold luxury consignment item from April. Our best sellers list is based on the final selling price of the product, and the name of the brand. Want to see more of … Continued

Hermes Evelyne lll GM Crossbody: As Seen On

Let’s face it. When it comes to shopping ‘it’ bags, our wallets open a little wider when we’ve seen them on the arms of our favorite celebrities. That’s why we created this category for our blog; to not only show you what our products look like IRL, but to show which celebrities adore the accessories, as well. Our Hermes Evelyne lll GM Crossbody … Continued

Best Sellers, Best Accessories

Another month has ended which means we are not only that much closer to summer, but we also had a chance to review EDO’s best sellers from March. It’s clear that last month our best sellers happen to also be our best accessories. Just look at that Chanel handbag from the Dallas Collection or the Hermes Kelly … Continued

Best Sellers: October 2011

Happy November! Now that October is over, you know what that means…time for our best sellers! The following items are our best selling pieces for the month of October, based on selling price and the item itself. Michele White Ceramic CSX 100 Diamonds Swiss Movement Watch. SOLD $1026.99 Louis Vuitton Collection Bordeaux Leather Monogram Empeinte Bucket Bag … Continued