Today’s guest editor is as personable and bright as he is handsome – so you KNOW he’s awesome. David Sanchez is a Chicago based Ford model, fashion blogger, foodie & published photographer.  For the last 6 years, he’s been on the other side of the camera as a modeling agent for both Ford Men & Women, so he knows a thing or two about what looks good.  As David says, “Ultimately, the fashion business is exciting because you’re constantly evolving yourself to keep up.  Trust me on that!  It’s a great life lesson as well.” We couldn’t agree more.

You can keep up with David on Twitter & Instagram, plus on Ford’s website and his own.  We’ll also be featuring David’s style snaps from week two at Coachella, right here on our blog next week! Don’t miss it, or his amazing auction picks and interview below!


Shop David’s Picks:

Stubbs & Wootton Black Velvet Medal Embroidered Loafers
Marchesa Teal Gathered Strapless Gown
Hermes Vintage Blue & Red Silk Twill Henri d’Origny ‘Eperon d’Or’ 90cm Scarf
Roberto Cavalli Men’s Gold & Grey Leopard Print Gradient Silk Necktie

EDO: What’s the craziest photo shoot concept you’ve ever modeled for?
DS: Craziest concept had to be jumping on a trampoline for a golf ad for Puma.  The shot was 15 feet in the air, so you had to hit your mark while holding a golf bag, club and all the accessories.  Thankfully, I grew up on a trampoline so I had fun with it – but after jumping up and down for 3 hours, I was ready for solid ground.

EDO: Favorite restaurant in Chicago & dish you love?
DS: I live in Andersonville so I love the neighborhood restaurants like Bar Umbra, Vincent & Ante Prima.  One of my favorite dishes, though, is the calf liver at RL Restaurant.  Served with a dry martini, of course!

EDO: Great stores for stylish men’s clothing you’d recommend?
DS: It’s all about mixing it up. Don’t rely solely on one place – find pieces at each of your favorite spots.  Haberdash, Trunk Club, Zara, & Emporio Armani are a few of my favorites.

EDO: How do you spend your time off?
DS: I love this city, so I always try to get out and enjoy it.  I can’t get enough of our museums, like the Art Institute or the MCA.  I recently re-discovered the Lincoln Park Conservatory.  It’s such a peaceful place for me.

EDO: Item in your closet that you couldn’t live without?
DS: I travel a lot & I always try to buy a piece of clothing anywhere I go.  So, hands down, a grey leather bomber jacket from Bogota, Colombia.  The leather is like butter and the jacket fits like a glove.

EDO: What’s up next for you?
DS: VACATION!  Heading to Palm Springs this weekend for Coachella.  I love live music and people watching, so it’s two of my favorite things wrapped into one weekend!  Check back next week for some of my favorite Coachella fashion moments!