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Make Notes on Gucci

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So, you’re eyeing that gorgeous Gucci handbag online; that one that would totally go with any and every outfit in your closet. Maybe you’re shopping on The Collection, or eDrop- Off, or some other luxury consignment site (not sure why you would be, but we’ll humor the idea), either way you hesitate when adding the bag to your shopping cart because you wonder ‘is it even real?’

Some fakes are very easy to spot, like those ones hanging around the corners of New York City or Chicago. But, then there are an occasional few that look so close to the original, minus a few stitches or font sizes that they make us question everything about life.

Dramatic, we know, but if you once spent your months’ rent on a bag that you later found out was a fake, shopping for designer handbags would never be the same, again!

To make sure that same problem never happens to you, we took some time to research what makes a Gucci handbag authentic. Take a look at our guide, above, for quick tips on how to make sure you dealing with an authentic Gucci verse a fake.

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