When it comes to shopping luxury consignment, a common concern can be determining whether or not you are buying an authentic designer item. There are an assortment of characteristics that our staff looks at to determine whether or not an item is genuine. And as your go-to luxury consignment store, we are here to share some tips with you!

The Monogram Canvas Speedy handbag by Louis Vuitton is one of their most popular and recognizable items. To avoid buying a fake, you want to examine the monogram motif and compare it to their copy-written print. Look at the spacing between the symbols, the serifs on the letters, and the general thickness of the motif. In addition, checking for a serial number inside the zipper of the bag is a quick way to discover if the bag is real. If it is missing the tag or does not have a serial number that looks similar to the one shown above, then it’s authenticity should be questioned.

You will also see that this handbag has a heat stamped tag. This font face should have no deformities and be symmetrically spaced. The Speedy handbag has cowhide leather trimmings, a zipper closure, a round handle, and a padlock with a key on the exterior. The cowhide leather has a naturally developing patina, which is a mark of high quality leather.

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