Give the gift of Gucci! Or better yet, gift yourself by earning 65% commission when you consign Gucci items during the month of November. The Italian luxury brand has solidified its cool status by evolving its style and this label always shows us how to have fun with fashion. The brand is colorful, maximal and reinvents classic styles for the modern-day woman. The garments and accessories feature vintage details from the past with today’s functionality and style. What is not to love?! Gucci is always a favorite among consignors and shoppers alike, which is why we want you to earn more to buy more! We call that a win-win. Curious to see what iconic Gucci items sold recently? See below!

Give the gift of Gucci and earn 65% commission when you consign Gucci this month!

Give the gift of Gucci and see what Gucci items recently sold.


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