Stylish Tips: Eco Friendly Products

The benefit to buying and selling your designer items through eBay is that it reduces your ecological footprint.  It also doesn’t require any additional factory production and there is dramatically less paper use involved with online purchasing.  Recycling has never been so stylish!  Here are some additional ways to be eco-friendly in 2010 and reduce your personal ecological footprint.


Re-useable Shopping Bags

Each year retailers spend over 4 billion dollars on single use bags, which is considered a packaging expense and later gets filtered down to consumers.  In addition to that, plastic bags add 8 billion pounds to our landfills each year.  Try using one of these stylish re-useable bags from Envirosax; They hold hold up to 44 lbs and they come in a variety of designs.  The best part is that you can roll them up to fit in almost any sized hand bag.

CFL bulbs

CLF blubs are a bit more costly than traditional light bulbs, but they last up to nine times as long. In fact, if every U.S. family replaced one regular light bulb with a CFL, it would eliminate 90 billion pounds of greenhouse gases. That’s the same as taking 7.5 million cars off the road. CFL bulbs fit into all the same sockets as incandescent bulbs, meaning you can put them in your walk-in closet or that swanky new lamp you just bought.

Wash Clothes in Cold Water

Washing clothes in cold water saves $3 billion in energy costs annually. In addition to that, it’s great for your clothes! It helps maintain their shape and color longer. If you have some tough stains you’re trying to get out, try buying a cold water detergent that activates in the icy water.

Use Natural Cleaning products

Non-natural cleaning products are bad for you and the environment. They contain harmful chemicals which are harmful to breathe in and do not get filtered from landfills; which end up creating toxic waste. Brands like Seventh Generation even make laundry detergent which is free of dyes and perfumes, which is gentler on your clothing.

Un-plug Electronics

Before you leave the house, unplug your cell phone changer, hair straighter, and any other electronics which are not being used. Even though they are off, they continuously drain electricity when they are plugged in. Instead of lighting an entire room, only focus the light where you need it. This will not only save energy, but also create a more relaxed ambience.